CryptoLocker Virus – Even More Bad News for Computer Users

There are several programs out there that will remove the CryptoLocker Virus. For those that are not familiar with this malware, it encrypts all of the most important files on a your PC — pictures, movie and music files, documents, etc. — As well as any files on attached or networked storage media. Then it will demand a payment for the code to de-crypt the files. If you do not pay the ransom, your files will be lost.

Removing the cryptolocker malware does not give you access to your files, instead you will get a message telling you to re-install the malware in order to gain access to your files after paying the ransom. Here is the message you will get if you remove the malware.

CryptoLocker Virus Removal Hazards and Warnings

CryptoLocker Virus Prevention

Everyone has probably heard the expression “An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound Of Cure”. That really applies here, you’re much better preventing the malware on your computer and avoiding the nightmare that results from a CryptoLocker infection.

Download Our Free CryptoLocker Prevention Software, this is a small utility that will prevent the cryptolocker malware from infecting your computer and installing this anti-malware utility is a simple 2 step process