Data Recovery Services

Data recovery services for both your home or business computers.

data recovery services

Data loss can hit anyone at any time and the need for a data recovery service arises when it does. The best protection from data loss is to have a back-up in place. If you suffer from data loss and do not have a recent back-up, your next step in recovering your files is using a reliable data recovery service.

Several different things can lead to the loss of files on your computer or laptop. Issues like malware, file deletion, disk formatting, drive partition loss, windows system corruption, and file directory damage can all lead to data loss.

Symptoms of data loss or hard drive corruption may include:

  • Your documents can no longer be found or opened.
  • Your hard drive or thumb drive cannot be read.
  • The hard disk partition is lost.
  • ‚ÄúPartition Error” messages start popping up when you use your computer.

Data Recovery Services

We offer several data recovery services and have had success in recovering desktop and laptop files under the following conditions:

  • Data recovery from non-bootable, or malfunctioning desktop/laptop hard drives.
  • Data recovery from failing or malfunctioning hard drives.
  • Data recovery of deleted files, including after reformatting your drive.
  • Data recovery from a damaged external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive or sd card

A1 Computer Repair has a no recovery / no fee policy. If we are unable to recover your data, there is no charge.

Please note: Data recovery from a complete mechanical failure, a fire, a flood, etc., requires very special equipment and a laboratory with a clean-room environment. We do not have the facilities for this level of mechanical data loss recovery but can recommend a reliable data recovery company that does.


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