Experts Offer Tips To Avoid Hackers

Avoid Hackers Tips To Avoid Hackers & Viruses from Local Computer Experts Offer
Rafael Moreno, Texas A&M University Computer Science Major and organizer of TAMUHack, one of the largest “hackathons” to ever take place on the Texas A&M University campus says hacking isn’t as complicated as many may think. “One of the ways I …
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My First Computer Build, Any Advice or tips?
This is going to be my first build, I just wanted some professional advice, opinions and help.I am only 16 years old and trying to build a gaming computer. This is going to be the build: First: Is it going to be cool …
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Eight tips for improving battery life on your MacBook
Another tip is not to leave your computer constantly plugged in and charging. Even when using it at home or at work, if it is fully charged, unplug it and let the battery run down really low before charging it again. This is supposed to delay or …
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