Multimedia Laptops Z41 and Z51 Ultimate Workstations from Lenovo

Multimedia Laptop Workstations from Lenovo

Revolutionary Intel® RealSenseTM 3D camera on the new Lenovo Z51
The new Lenovo Z51 also features an optional Intel® RealSenseTM 3D camera that brings the world to life in 3D. Featuring full 1080p color and a depth sensor, the revolutionary 3D camera allows the new Lenovo Z51 to sense and capture depth like the human …


Desktop Computers Are Gaining Popularity Again

Desktop Computers Are Gaining PopularitySatisfaction growing for desktop PCs among mainstream Americans

For enthusiasts, this won’t be news but after feasting on the empty calories of tablets and phones for years, mainstream consumers may finally have had enough and may be looking for something with a little more substance in their tech diets: the old-fashioned desktop PC.

At least that’s part of the conclusion …